Thursday, April 4, 2013

The One With The Period Mix

You know what sucks? Having your period.

You know what doesn't suck? Having the perfectly laid out playlist to help you dance through every possible occasion.

...such as your monthly visit form Aunt Flo. Wow. I sure do hate that expression. Like a lot. Kicking myself in the shin for saying it.

So yeah. You caught me. I totally got this idea from No Strings Attached (the hilarious movie with Ashton Kutcher and Natalie Portman that is almost identical to Friends With Benefits with Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis that came out the same year...but that's neither here nor there).

In the movie, Ashton Kutcher, in a beautiful moment of adorable creepiness, brings Natalie Portman cupcakes and a mix cd full of period-related songs.

"Huh?! There's not such thing as period songs!"

Think again, my sweet.

Only two or three songs are actually mentioned in the movie, so who has two thumbs and accepted the challenge of finding allllll the other period songs?

Well not that guy, but you know what I mean. I did. Whatever.

So here you have it, folks. The Ultimate Period Mix 2000. So dance away on that red tide. And maybe pop some Midol while you're at it.

Inappropriate? Probably. But just a smidgeon.

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  1. You are TOO FUNNY! What about Say Anything "I Love You More Than I Hate My Period"??

  2. This is hilarious! I feel ya on the periods...dealing with that crap right now too! :(

  3. The tide is high! hahaha I am dying.
    This is hilarious!

  4. Oh gosh this is amazing. too funny!

  5. This is hilarious, but it might actually be necessary when I'm super crabby in a few days.

  6. This is so fantastically awesome. You go Mason Coco.. I'll be tuning in for a listen next week. Kill me.

  7. This is hysterical!! Love it!

  8. This is HILARIOUS! OMG.

  9. Seriously. DY.ING. You are too freaking hilarious. Also? That Jim gif? HOTTIE HOTTIE HOTTIE.

  10. Kill me dead. This is the best thing ever, I think I'll save this and listen to it every day that "Aunt Flo" (gah I hate that phrase too) is visiting. Happy Friday!

  11. OMG, this is hysterical. I'm going to share it on my blog Facebook page.


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