Tuesday, October 7, 2014


My group of friends works because we are all so vastly different from each other. We've all been friends since high school, and I think we've all stayed close because our differences keep everything interesting and fun and help us form a more cohesive group. One of my closest friends, Adair, got married two Saturdays ago. And which one is she? Why, she's the hippie.

It seems most people want a pretty standard, run-of-the-mill, raucous bachelorette party. It seems most people want a seriously wild "Fling Before The Ring" with lots of clubbing and alltheshots. Most people aren't my sweet friend Adair. You see, a standard bachelorette drunkfest just isn't her style. I mean, it isn't my style either, but for different reasons...I'm the Heather Dubrow of the group, if you will...a little bit fancy pants and a whole lotta granny. Hey, at least I'm self-aware, right? Anyway, my friend Adair is a music-loving, band-tee-wearing, record-collecting, festival-going, cat-loving, flower-crown-sporting, quirky little ball of adorableness, and I'm certain she's living in the wrong decade. So for her bachelorette weekend, we needed to do something a little more creative and unusual than wearing matching black dresses and making Ed Hardy-tee-wearing beefcakes buy us shots. So, for this little hippie love of ours, we threw her a Coachella-themed bachelorette weekend in Myrtle Beach. "Bachella."

Brilliant, right? I so wish I could take credit for that genius idea. Alas, I cannot.

We had a great time, and she LOVED it. It was all very her. We had a teepee, tie dyed shirts, VIP passes, custom temporary tattoos, Bachella wrist bands. I mean, I think it was adorable, but I'm biased.

We had these cute little hangover bags with hair ties, ibuprofen, Band Aids, and temporary tattoos that said something like "I'm with Adair's Bachella. I'm lost. Buy me a drink." Adorable.
I think we all still have like nine of these bracelets. I'm obsessed with them.
We wore VIP passes the last night we went out.
Oh and we also had tie dye tshirts to wear out. And flower crowns.
And lots of lots of alcohol, which, if I'm being honest, wasn't even really touched. I mean, a little bit, but not much. I'm telling you. Grannies. 
The bride got a headdress with a feather and a tie dye Bachella sash.
 And our adorable little cups. They had our monograms on the other side.
And there was a teepee.
Harry Styles came too.
Instead of doing a lingerie shower, we gave her a bunch of fun presents. Lots of pjs and Coachella-like tshirts and goodies. I had my weirdly talented brother paint Coachella for her, and I think it turned out fabulously. I can barely write legibly and he can paint like this. Doesn't seem fair.

We had a blast. I loved the whole weekend and so did she, which is obviously the most important part.

Oh, and our big night out? We ended up at a bar with a bunch of old people. I think the youngest people there were like 60. And they were all dancing with us. And there was a band. It was SO MUCH FUN.


Anyway, that's bachella! We had so much fun :)

Have you been to any creatively themed bachelorette parties? Details, please! 

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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Where Have I Been?

I know. I keep saying I'm going to get back to blogging and then I don't. Honestly, it's killing me. I've missed this little network of beauties desperately over the last month or two, but boy oh boy, wedding season came through like a tornado, but in the best way possible, of course. So what have I missed? Any new blogging fads I need to be clued in on? Any new bloggy babies or engagements or bloggers-turned-memes or anything? Fill me in!

So instead of boring you with a ton of rambling, which we all know I'm guilty of, I'm just going to do a little photo recap of what I've been up to for the past several weeks. 

1. Bachella

One of my very closest friends, Adair, got married last weekend, so about a month ago, all the girls packed up and went to Myrtle Beach for her bachelorette weekend. But it wasn't any ordinary bachelorette weekend. It was a Coachella-themed bachelorette weekend: Bachella, if you will, and it was adorable, if I do say so myself. But more on that later. That deserves its own post.

2. Wedding #1

My friends Genny and Alex got married two weeks ago. The wedding was at a ridiculously gorgeous farm somewhere around High Point and Greensboro or something in NC. It was beautiful and the weather could not have been more perfect.

3. Wedding #2

Adair and Philip got married on Saturday. It was a beautiful and emotional weekend (this girl is a crier...I can't help it). The rehearsal dinner was at Coquette Brasserie at North Hills in Raleigh and the wedding ceremony and reception were at the beautiful, newly-restored Merrimon-Wynne House in downtown Raleigh. The whole weekend was exquisite. Since everyone's schedules are crazy and everyone lives all over the country, it's always so much fun to have an excuse to get all of our friends in one place.

Eric took one glance at this picture and said, "Ha, you've clearly been crying." True. Rude.
Subway tile, candles, giant mirror, and dress details.
There were old books from Adair's parents' house scattered throughout the venue. I thought that was such a cool, personal touch.

4. Yes, Hazel is still perfect.

So anyway, that's what I've been up to. What's new with you??

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